Panel Recommends Raises For Mayor, Council, Department Heads


A new report drafted by a commission tasked with reviewing salaries for city officials recommends that Mayor Thomas Koch receive a $38,000 pay raise that would bring his total salary to $160,000 from $122,474.

The commission looked at the salaries for the mayor, City Council, and 57 other department heads and non-union appointees, recommending raises for all but one position.  David Colton, chairman of the commission and the town manager in Easton, said the salary recommendations were based on what other communities pay their officials.  Based on those comparisons, the commission believes Quincy’s mayor is underpaid.

“We came to the conclusion that the mayor – at $122,000 a year – is undervalued for that position,” Colton said.  “If you look across the state for chief executive officers for cities and towns you’re going to see that that’s at the low end of the scale.”

According to the report, each councillor should receive a salary of $22,500, up from their current pay of $17,500.  Councillors also currently receive a travel allowance of about $5,000.

The report recommends that Fire Chief Joseph Barron receive an annual salary of $160,000, a raise of $5,000.  It also recommends the police chief’s salary be negotiated as part of a contract, the fire chief’s salary already is done by contract, and that the police chief be paid no less than $180,000.  In calendar year 2012, Police Chief Paul Keenan earned $178,792, which includes money paid for incentives such as education bonuses.

The report also recommends tiered salaries for other department heads in the city.  The highest tier, $115,000, would include City Clerk Joseph Shea, Public Works Commissioner Daniel Raymondi, City Solicitor Jim Timmins, and Finance Director Mark Cavanagh.

Complete coverage of the commission’s report is available in the Nov. 27 edition of The Quincy Sun.

Recommended salaries released by the commission Monday:




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