South Quincy Lowe’s To Close


The Lowe’s store in South Quincy is set to close, the home-improvement chain said Monday.

The Lowe’s store, located at 599 Burgin Parkway, is one of 51 locations the company will close throughout the U.S. and Canada. It is the only one in Massachusetts that will be shuttered.

The Lowe’s on Burgin Parkway is located on a 12.81-acre site in a planned-urban-development zoning district, according to the city’s GIS property viewer. The land and buildings on site have an assessed value of $16.35 million.

James Fatseas, Quincy’s planning director, on Tuesday said Lowe’s had yet to reach out to city officials about the future of the property.

“There has been no dialogue whatsoever with the city yet,” he said. “We have to respect that it’s private property, so the first move will be made by them.”

Fatseas said it was likely the property would be sold to another retail user, given the building on site is eight years old and the lot has ample parking.

“It is a beautiful big-box store with a large parking lot. If I’m Lowe’s and I’m trying to flip this, that’s the first place I’m going,” he said.

Because the site is in a PUD zoning district, Fatseas noted other types of development on site would require approval by the City Council acting as the special permit granting authority. The council had approved the construction of the Lowe’s store in 2008.

Ward 4 Councillor Brian Palmucci said the said council approval might also be needed if a different type of retail user were to move in, except for another home-improvement store.

“If it’s any other type of user – another retail use – my understanding if they’d have to come before the City Council,” he said.

Palmucci said he had spoken to the owner of the property earlier in the day and asked for updates on the site as they become available.

“As soon as there is a determination about the site, I will hold a community meeting to discuss it,” the councillor said. “People don’t have to worry about something moving in overnight.”

Lowe’s, Palmucci noted, still has 13 years remaining on its lease for the property.

The company announced all the impacted stores would close by Feb. 1 of next year, though some U.S. stores could close immediately. Closing sales are anticipated at the affected stores.  The company said employees of the closed stores could be transferred to other locations.

“While decisions that impact our associates are never easy, the store closures are a necessary step in our strategic reassessment as we focus on building a stronger business,” Lowe’s president and CEO Marvin Ellison said. “We believe our people are the foundation of our business and essential to our growth, and we are making every effort to transition impact associates to nearby Lowe’s stores.”

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