21 Residents Pull Papers For Quincy Election


Twenty-one residents have taken out papers to run in this year’s municipal election, setting up five potential races for seats on the City Council and a contest for the three slots available on the School Committee.

The most recent residents to pull papers are Frank Santoro, 14 Lois Ter., who is seeking a School Committee seat; Joseph Murphy of 18 Macy St., who is running for the Ward 1 seat on the council; and William Burke of 28 Rice Rd., who is seeking one of the three at-large seats on the council.

The deadline to submit completed nomination papers to the Board of Registrars of Voters is July 19 at 5 p.m. Certified nomination papers, including a statement of candidacy, would then need to be filed with the City Clerk’s Office by 5 p.m. on Aug. 6.

The signatures of 50 registered voters are required for each office in a municipal election. Residents running for one of the six ward councillor seats must obtain the signatures from within their ward.

Santoro, a former School Committee member, is the fourth resident to pull papers in the race for a seat on the committee. Two incumbent members, Paul Bregoli of 80 Willow Ave. and Kathryn Hubley of 48 Marion St., have pulled papers for re-election. A third candidate, Courtney Perdios of 86 Ruggles St., has done so as well. Perdios has already submitted the requisite 50 signatures to the clerk’s office.

Burke would be running against the three incumbent at-large councillors, who have all taken out nomination papers. They are: Noel DiBona, 70 Chickatabot Rd.; Nina Liang, 2 Williams St.; and Anne Mahoney, 12 Ferriter St.

Murphy joins two others seeking the Ward 1 seat. They are incumbent David McCarthy of 48 Whitney Rd. and Danielle Kempe of 1 Adams St.

In Ward 3, the incumbent, Ian Cain of 8 Highpoint Cir., has taken out papers to seek re-election. Eriberto Soto Jr. of 627 Adams St. has likewise taken out papers to run for the seat.

Three residents have pulled papers to run for the Ward 5 seat on the City Council; incumbent Kirsten Hughes announced earlier this spring she would not seek re-election in the fall. The three residents to pull papers for that seat are: Christopher DeCambra of 25 Langley Cir.; Mary Lally of 10 Weston Ave.; and Charles Phelan, a former councillor, of 298 Fenno St.

In Ward 6, incumbent William Harris of 74 Ashworth Rd. has taken out papers to seek re-election. William Isenberg of 36 Carle Rd. has also pulled papers for that race.

The remaining ward councillors – Brad Croall, 92 Viden Rd. (Ward 2) and Brian Palmucci, 16 Cross St. (Ward 4) – have taken out papers to run for re-election.

Mayor Thomas Koch, who resides at 249 Newbury Ave., has pulled papers to seek re-election. No challenger has emerged in that race yet.

A preliminary election would be required if more than two candidates run for mayor or any one ward council seat, or if more than six ran for either councillor at-large or the school board.

The preliminary election would be held Sept. 10. The final election is scheduled for Nov. 5.

The deadline for residents to register to vote in the preliminary election would be 8 p.m. on Aug. 21, and absentee balloting would end at noon the day before the preliminary.

The deadline to register to vote in the Nov. 5 general election is Oct. 16 at 8 p.m. Absentee balloting ends at noon on Nov. 4.

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