30 Quincy Properties Receive ‘Neat Neighbors’ Award

Thirty properties in Quincy have been selected to receive the 2023 “Neat Neighbors” award from the Department of Natural Resources, Mayor Thomas Koch announces.

The contest aims to recognize Quincy residents that maintain their properties in the spirit of a cleaner and greener Quincy. The contest was created by Koch in the late-1990s when he served as the Executive Director of the Park, Forestry and Cemetery Department.

“For many residents, this is a labor of love,” said Mayor Koch. “They toil every week in their yard from April through November to keep their properties looking beautiful. The impact that their properties have on their block and the city is significant.  I wish everyone cared for their property the way that our Neat Neighbors do.”

The winners will all receive a $30 gift certificate to a local garden center and a sign for their property indicating that they have been recognized.

The 2023 Neat Neighbors are:

Stephen Bettencourt                          22 Highfield Road

James Riley                                         27 Beebe Road

Mike Garcia                                         11 Waban Road

Mark Horne                                        60 Albatross Road

Brenda McKeon                                  107 Darrow Street

Frankie Capobianco                            58 Curtis Avenue

Richard Batista                                    166 Phipps Street

Holly and Percy Watson                     7 Crest Street

Mark Miller                                         52 Norman Road

Joyce Avalon                                       15 Hardwick Road

Chen Kong Xin                                     20 Lincoln Avenue

Dennis Murray                                    452 West Squantum Street

Frankie Casper                                    29 Eddie Street

Deborah Panoff                                  39 Forbes Hill Road

Kathleen Ryan                                     20 Taylor Street

The Baldinos                                       676 Willard Street

The Joyce Family                                 118 Connell Street

Don and Pat Donahue                        38 Wallace Road

Mike and Marilyn Buckley                  98 Goddard Street

Jack Warren                                        60 Verchild Street

Kai Man Lee                                        42 Presidents Avenue

Tady Ibrahim                                       93 Standish Avenue

Andrew Welch                                    10 Woodbine Street

Michelle Holleman                              134 Monroe Road

Mia Olson                                           57 Willow Street

Marcotullio Family                              220 Atlantic Street

Riza Salazar                                         224 Newbury Avenue #1

Michelle Page                                     109 Naval Terrace

Dotty and Jack Wilk                            61 Apthorp Street

Margaret Callanan                              173 Huckins Avenue

“There are far more than 30 properties that could have won this award,” said Commissioner of Natural Resources Dave Murphy. “So many of our fellow residents do an incredible job beautifying their homes, gardens, and yards.  We want to thank all those residents, whether they won this year or not, who do tremendous work in keeping their properties beautiful in the spirit of a cleaner and greener Quincy.”

Added Koch: “I am extremely grateful for everyone’s work in keeping our city clean, neat, and beautiful.  We regularly receive emails and calls regarding how beautiful our city is and that starts with our homeowners. Our city employees also do a fantastic job keeping our parks, open spaces, and business districts looking nice. Whether it is planting flowers or keeping the areas free of litter, beautification is a top priority and I am proud of our collective results.”

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