Ayers Asks T to Extend Shuttle Bus Services To Squantum Point Park

State Rep. Bruce J. Ayers (D – Quincy) has sent a formal request to MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak, imploring the extension of shuttle bus services to Squantum Point Park to provide relief for frustrated commuters.

The letter notes the success of the bus service that has shuttled customers from the Wollaston Station area during the 2-year construction period. Ayers suggested that the success of this service could be extended from the North Quincy MBTA Station to the state-owned parking lot in Squantum Point Park, providing parking relief during the construction at North Quincy while also encouraging use of the Marina Bay Ferry.

Over 600 spots are lost at the North Quincy lot. With the Wollaston project ready to open this month, Ayers believes the shuttle buses could be used to bring relief to the North Quincy project, while also encouraging use of water transit.

“Water transportation is an economically responsible, environmentally friendly means of transit, and this area is a prime location for it,” Ayers said. “This area’s marine infrastructure makes this a unique opportunity.”

Ayers cited the “failure” of the MBTA to provide adequate mitigation for the ongoing construction along the Red Line stops in Quincy, coupled with the disruptions in service the Red Line has experienced in the past 2 months. Prior to the derailment in June, Red Line trains were running 14 trips per hour; that number is now at 10 trips per hour.

“My constituents have reached out to me repeatedly to express their frustration over the delays, overcrowded platforms, and overall lack of options,” Ayers said. “This could provide a recovery of parking spaces, as well as a reliable alternative means of transportation for those who no longer trust the MBTA. It’s a way for the MBTA to earn their customers’ faith back.”

The parking lot at Squantum Point Park consists of over 800 parking spaces, and is owned by DCR. Ayers suggests that the MBTA work out an agreement with DCR to provide free commuter parking in the lot during the North Quincy construction project.

The Marina Bay Ferry is in its 4th year of seasonal operation. It is owned and maintained by the town of Winthrop, and service from Quincy will run through November.

Along with GM Poftak, copies of the letter were also sent to Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack; Joseph Aiello, Chair of the MBTA’s Fiscal & Management Control Board; and Leo Roy, Commissioner of the Department of Conservation & Recreation.

A copy of the letter was also provided to The Quincy Sun. The letter appears below.

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