Beechwood Knoll Kindergarten Class Quarantining


A kindergarten class at Quincy’s Beechwood Knoll Elementary will be quarantining for the next seven days because of COVID-19 cases among staff and students in the class.

Principal Janet Loftus, in a letter to parents published on Tuesday, said seven staff and students within the kindergarten class had been diagnosed with COVID-19 since Nov. 12. After consulting with the Quincy Health Department and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Loftus said parents of other students in the class have been told their children should remain home and quarantine for a week.

The staff and students within the classroom can return to school on Nov. 24 with a negative COVID-19 test result and as long as they remain asymptomatic, Loftus said.

The Quincy Public Schools reported a total of 18 COVID-19 cases among students district-wide between Nov. 10 and Tuesday. Seven of those cases were at Beechwood Knoll; three were at Point Webster Middle School; there were two cases each at Atherton Hough, Clifford Marshall, and Merrymount elementary schools; and one case each has been reported at Snug Harbor and Squantum elementary schools.

Five staff cases have been reported over the same timeframe, two at Beechwood Knoll, and one each at the Bernazzani and Wollaston elementary schools and Quincy High School.

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