Biden, Trump Primary Winners In Quincy


President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump won big on Super Tuesday – both in Quincy and elsewhere – all but guaranteeing a rematch between the two in the fall.

Biden received 6,364 votes in Quincy in the March 5 Democratic primary, 74.65 percent of all votes cast, and was the top vote getter in each of the city’s six wards. “No preference” garnered the second most votes, 1,031, followed by Cong. Dean Phillips (536 votes) and author Marianne Williamson (338 votes).

Biden won the Massachusetts primary with 82.8 percent of vote; “no preference” was runner up with 9.4 percent of the vote. Biden was the winner of in every contest held on March 5, except for the American Samoa primary, where he finished behind entrepreneur Jason Palmer. Phillips withdrew from the race on Wednesday afternoon.

Trump received 4,388 votes in Quincy in the Republican primary, 67.56 percent of all votes cast, and polled the most votes in all six wards. Nikki Haley, the former governor of South Carolina, was runner up with 1,901 votes. “No preference” was a distant third with 75 votes. The remaining votes were split between candidates who withdrew from the race prior to the primary: Chris Christie (48 votes), Ron DeSantis (27), Vivek Ramaswamy (24), Ryan Binkley (9) and Asa Hutchinson (4).

Trump won the Massachusetts primary with 60 percent of the vote while Haley received 36.7 percent of the vote. Trump was the winner in every primary held on March 5, save for Vermont, which Haley won. Haley withdraw from the race on Wednesday morning.

In the Libertarian primary, “no preference” polled the most votes in Quincy, 44. Chase Oliver received 21 votes, Jacob Hornberger got 14, Michael Rectenwald polled 10 votes, Michael Ter Matt received four votes, and Lars Mapstead finished with two. Statewide results for the primary were not available Wednesday morning.

The only other contests on Tuesday’s ballots were for the Republican state committee man and woman for the Norfolk & Plymouth District, which includes all of Quincy and extends to several other communities.

In the committee man race in Quincy, Alexander Hagerty outpolled Gary Innes, 2,651 votes to 2,196. Hagerty also outpolled Innes in Braintree, 401 to 312, and in Holbrook, 676 to 210. In Hanover, Innes outpolled Hagerty, 1,640 to 412. Results for Abington and Rockland were not available as of noontime on Wednesday.

In the committee woman race in Quincy, Beth Veneto outpolled Edith Hughes, 3,263 votes to 1,976. Veneto also outpolled Hughes in Braintree, 421 to 284, and in Hanover, 1,175 to 666. In Holbrook, Hughes outpolled Veneto, 417 to 411.

Joel Buenaventura and Sandra Merrick were unopposed in the race for the Democratic state committee man and woman seats for the same district. Buenaventura polled 6,243 votes in Quincy and Merrick garnered 6,422.

Turnout in Quincy for the primary was 23.52 percent, with 15,314 of the city’s 65,120 registered voters casting ballots.

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