Boston Woman Acquitted In Fatal 2019 Quincy Stabbing

A Boston woman has been acquitted of the July 4, 2019, stabbing manslaughter of her husband outside 10 South Central Ave. in Quincy.

The acquittal was announced by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s office Wednesday afternoon.

Quincy police were called to the area shortly after 7 p.m. on July 4 and found Mr. Biqiang He, age 55, of West Newton Street, Boston, bleeding from the groin area.  He was transported to Quincy Medical Center, then onto Boston Medical Center where he underwent surgery. He perished three days later.

Witnesses at the scene told police that his wife, Huixian Liu, now 50, had been arguing with a third party and holding a knife when her husband stepped between them and put his arms around his wife.

When the embrace broke, Mr. He was bleeding from the groin area and Liu went into the residence. Liu claimed that the stabbing was accidental; she was arrested for assault at the scene. Following the victim’s death, the district court charges were upgraded to murder.

In September of 2019, the Norfolk County Grand Jury hearing evidence in the case, including witness testimony, declined to indict for murder and instead indicted Liu for Manslaughter.

On Tuesday, July 12, after three days of jury-waived trial, Judge Peter Krupp found the defendant not guilty of manslaughter, stating on the record that the evidence presented did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the conduct of the defendant was not accidental, or that the conduct of the defendant was wanton and reckless – the standard for manslaughter.

Judge Krupp’s verdict ends all criminal prosecution of Huixian Liu.

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