Cain Endorses Kennedy For U.S. Senate

On Tuesday (July 14), Quincy City Councillor Ian Cain endorsed Congressman Joe Kennedy III for U.S. Senate in a video released by the Kennedy for Massachusetts campaign. A Quincy native who was elected to the Ward 3 council seat in 2015, Ian Cain cited the need for new, bold leadership in the Senate as his reason for endorsing Kennedy. 

“I’m with Joe right now because the challenges of our generation require new, bold leadership in the Senate,” Cain said in a video on Facebook and Twitter. “It is time for our generation to take the mantle of responsibility in our state and for our country’s future. I appreciate Joe Kennedy because he is a person of integrity and there is action behind his words. It is time for leadership that is ready to tackle the hard issues. Joe is that kind of leader.”

“I’m proud to have City Councillor Ian Cain’s support in this race,” Kennedy said. “His leadership in Quincy emulates the basic promise of this campaign and what we should expect from all of our elected leaders today. He shows up in his community and listens to the concerns of his constituents. It’s a simple concept that’s all too often forgotten by today’s elected officials. I look forward to working with him to build a better future for Quincy and for our Commonwealth.”

Kennedy is seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in the Sept. 1 primary. He is trying to unseat incumbent U.S. Sen. Ed Markey.

Cain is among three Quincy city councillors who have endorsed Kennedy for U.S. Senate. The others are City Council President Nina Liang and Ward 4’s Brian Palmucci.

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