Endorses Liz Speakman For School Committee

Care and concern for children. During my 24 years in public education and now over 30 years as a player development specialist in the sport of soccer, that has been my credo. This simple yet profound philosophy has been the guiding force behind my own professional commitment towards education and child development. I can share with the fine people of Quincy that after spending some time with Liz Speakman, a candidate for Quincy School Committee, and researching her background and credentials, she too abides by the philosophy of the care and concern of children.

Liz proudly calls Quincy home, is genuinely concerned about the issues which directly affect not only our children, but parents as well. As a mom herself, Liz believes that every family deserves to feel welcomed and valued and that through the power of love and support students can perform at amazing levels. All students.

Liz continues to serve our community well. She served on the Quincy Citywide PTO Executive Board, Subcommittee Co-Chair of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, QPS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team, Merrymount Neighborhood Association, Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative Coordinator, and on the Advisory Council for DOVE, Inc. This type of actual hands-on experience coupled with a genuine passion for the care and concern of children places her in an elite position to serve the City of Quincy.

  • You can count on Liz to advocate for:
  • Creation of family outreach liaison positions to build stronger relationships between communities and their schools.
  • Enhanced social-emotional support for all students.
  • Expanded language translation services and accessibility to improve communication between families and schools.
  • Recruitment and retention of diverse educators through partnerships with local colleges and universities and by providing incentives to QPS graduates to pursue teaching careers in Quincy.
  • Implementation of a more diverse, culturally responsive, and inclusive curriculum.

You have a chance to impact the future of education in Quincy. Liz needs to win a spot on the ballot during the Preliminary Election on Sept. 14th to advance to the General Election on November 2nd. Your vote for Liz Speakman for Quincy School Committee on Sept. 14th is the first step towards a brighter educational future for the student and families of Quincy.

Giovanni Pacini

Quincy, MA

Readers Forum: Why I Support Liz Speakman

As a parent of rising 9th and 11th graders in the Quincy Public Schools (QPS), I’m thrilled to support Liz Speakman for Quincy School Committee.

I have known Liz for three years and believe she will contribute to our school district in important ways. For our family, it matters that Liz will work to ensure that the district has a plan to recruit and retain educators who are diverse and represent the children in QPS classrooms. It’s important for children to recognize themselves and their families in the teachers and paraprofessionals who lead our classrooms every day.

Liz understands and is committed to every child in QPS having a sense of belonging as they learn, develop, and grow. Without a sense of belonging, a child’s sense of value can be diminished. Liz will work hard to help promote a diverse hiring and retention through partnerships with local colleges and universities and by providing incentives to QPS graduates to pursue teaching careers within QPS.

Join me in voting for Liz Speakman for School Committee on September 14 and November 2.
Kate Campbell