Central Student Showed Classmates Taser Outside School, Principal Says


A student at Central Middle School will be disciplined for showing classmates a taser outside of school, the school’s principal said.

In a letter to the school community, Principal Rick DeCristofaro Jr. on Friday said the student admitting showing the taser to classmates and would be disciplined for doing so.

“This morning during morning arrival, I was informed of the possibility of a Central Middle School student being in possession of a weapon, specifically a taser.  After being brought to the office, the student admitted to having the taser in their backpack and showing it to classmates, in an inoperable position, outside of school,” DeCristofaro said.

“The student will be held accountable and appropriately disciplined for this serious incident.”

DeCristofaro encouraged anyone concerned about the incident to reach out to him or other staff members.

“Please know that Quincy Public Schools takes all reports of this nature seriously and as always, our focus is on providing a safe school community for students and staff,” he said. “If you or your student have concerns about this incident, please feel free to reach out to me at 617-984-8725 or via email at richarddecristofarojr@quincypublicschools.com.

“Acting Assistant Principal Kathy Mahoney (kathleenmahoney@quincypublicschools.com) and Guidance Counselors Matt Ramponi (matthewramponi@quincypublicschools.com), Lili Moy (lilimoy@quincypublicschools.com), and Chrissy Shah (christineshah@quincypublicschools.com)  are available to speak with you or your student as well.”

Friday’s incident was the second incident in two weeks involving a Quincy student and a weapon.

A student at the GOALS program, which is located in North Quincy, was arrested on Sept. 27 for allegedly bringing a handgun into the building with them.

Supt. Kevin Mulvey at that time said the “student admitted to having a handgun on their person because of safety concerns outside of school” and emphasized “that the student did not threaten any staff members or students at any time.”

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