‘Christmas Around The World!’ Selected Parade Theme

“Christmas around the world!” will be the theme of the 67th annual City of Quincy Christmas Parade.

In what is believed to be a parade first, Dolly Di Pesa – who had her entry selected from 46 possible themes last year – came out on top again from the list of 31 entries submitted this year as part of the annual theme contest. The selection committee make their selection without knowing who submitted the entry.

The theme is an important part of the parade as it is used in the design and building of floats by the many community groups and schools who compete for prizes in a number of categories. The theme is also used for the poster contest, which is sponsored by QATV in all of the elementary schools in Quincy.

Community groups, nonprofits, and schools are eligible to participate in the parade by building floats which are judged for cash prizes. Commercial floats pay a fee to enter floats and are judged in a separate category and are awarded trophies. Persons interested in entering a float for this year’s parade should contact the committee at pdoherty@quincyma.gov.

Di Pesa, who is well known community volunteer and is active in the Quincy Rotary Club and other nonprofit organizations, is a CPA with an office at Marina Bay.

As the theme winner, Di Pesa a Quincy resident will have the honor of riding in the parade with some guests and will be presented a plaque at an awards ceremony at the conclusion of this year’s parade. The parade will be held on Sunday, Dec. 1.

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