Christmas Poster Contest Winners Announced

Quincy Access Television congratulates the winners of this year’s Christmas Poster Contest.  Elementary school students from the Quincy Public Schools and the Quincy Catholic Academy participated in the annual contest sponsored by Quincy Access Television.

There were 828 poster entries judged by Tony and Phyllis Andrade of the Quincy Art Association. The two categories were Grades 1-3 and Grades 4 & 5. The following students were judged best in the city and the prizes they will receive are: First Place $100, Second Place $75 and Third Place $50.

Grades 1-3: First Place: Reyansh Kadri, Grade 3, Montclair Elementary

Second Place: Lexine Zou, Grade 2, Beechwood Knoll Elementary

Third Place: Kevin Liu, Grade 3, Quincy Catholic Academy

Grades 4 & 5   First Place: Hebe Chen, Grade 5, Quincy Catholic Academy

Second Place: Jocelyn Wu, Grade 5, Beechwood Knoll Elementary                                   Third Place: Anna Maloney, Grade 5, South West Middle

The winning students will be invited by the Christmas Festival Committee to ride in the Christmas Parade on Sunday, Nov. 27, and the winning posters are on display in the windows of the Quincy Sun throughout the holiday season. Parents can pick up their child’s posters at The Quincy Sun after Jan. 1, 2023.

The judges were so impressed by the young artists they also chose ‘Honorable Mentions’, which will also hang in the windows of the Quincy Sun. The honorable mentions were: Jack Bligh, Grade 3, Squantum Elementary, Nina Lin, Grade 1, Beechwood Knoll Elementary, Callie Fernandez , Grade 1, Quincy Catholic Academy, Alexander Lee, Grade 3, Lincoln Hancock Elementary, Conan Ng, Grade 4, Lincoln Hancock Elementary, Jack Meyers, Grade 4, Bernazzani Elementary, Aiden Wu, Grade 4, Quincy Catholic Academy, Eason Chen, Grade 5, Atherton Hough Elementary.

Congratulations to all of the prizewinners, honorable mentions and the entire poster contest participants for their great work!  Nicely done!

The winning and honorable mention posters appear below with comments from the judges. This story and images of the posters will also appear in the print edition of The Quincy Sun Nov. 23, 2022.

1st Place: Reyansh Kadri Grade 3 Montclair Elementary
This artist interprets the Christmas scene with sweetness and evenness of
manner with patience to detail, showing the artists feelings as well as his skill.
2nd Place: Lexine Zou Grade 2 Beechwood Knoll Elementary
The artist has used bright colors and clear outlines in a highly imaginative way.
This is a beautiful scene that the viewer wants to enter. Excellent work.
3rd Place: Kevin Liu Grade 3 Quincy Catholic Academy
The artist has defined a well thought out Christmas village and a carefully placed
snowman adds to the scale and the mood. The colors have a dazzling brilliance.
Honorable Mention: Alexander Lee Grade 3 Lincoln-Hancock Elementary
A very effective message. Beautifully rendered.
Honorable Mention: Callie Fernandez Grade 1 Quincy Catholic Academy
One of the best graphic posters we have seen. Watch this artist!
Honorable Mention: Jack Bligh Grade 3 Squantum Elementary
Wonderful image of family and Christmas.
Honorable Mention: Nina Lin Grade 1 Beechwood Knoll Elementary
Great color and composition.
1st Place: Hebe Chen Grade 5 Quincy Catholic Academy
A warm, playful Christmas scene. Love the off centered composition, with a warm color
palette throughout. Great attention to scale and the all important “filling the paper
edge to edge”! Well done.
2nd Place: Jocelyn Wu Grade 5 Beechwood Knoll Elementary
This stately looking scene radiates Christmas charm. The architecture of the building is a convincing and bold attempt to create a warm ‘period’ composition. Love the figures that
add an invitation to enjoy the warmth of the holiday!
3rd Place: Anna Maloney Grade 5 South West Middle
This fun and humorous scene is a nod to all feline friends. The composition is balance
and the foreground kitties invite us in. Well rendered with variety and details not
overlooked. This artwork screams “Live Laugh Love”!
Honorable Mention: Aiden Wu Grade 4 Quincy Catholic Academy
A starry night sky pulls us into this fun composition. Love the point of view with Rudolph
pointing the way in and up to Santa. The tree on the right mimics his antlers, how clever!
Nice rendering too!
Honorable Mention: Conan Ng Grade 4 Lincoln-Hancock Elementary
A simple and imaginative interpretation. Strong pencil rendering that creates an exciting
feeling with colors that surround the decorations. All this plays against the snowy hill,
highlighting the lovely presents. The simplicity of composition holds our attention with
Santa’s hand as the final “period” of the statement.
Honorable Mention: Eason Chen Grade 5 Atherton Hough Elementary
Santa stepping up to the microphone, Rudolph “in the bag”, Frosty doing a dance! This fun
composition is signs of a cartoonist in the making. Great imagination and an eye for clever
details. This piece has us excited, as the artist must have felt in its creation. Well done!
Honorable Mention: Jack Meyers Grade 4 Bernazzani Elementary
This in depth humorous approach had the judges laughing. Along with some subtle,
But well rendered art, this poster is something not often revealed through the eyes of
a 4th grader. Details are amazing and drawing is thoughtful and mature. Funny too!
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