City: Furnace Brook Clubhouse Project To Provide Neighborhood Benefits

Mayor Thomas Koch announced Tuesday that work continues on the new clubhouse facility at the city-owned Furnace Brook Golf Course Clubhouse.  The work is being performed by G&R Construction who was the low bidder on the job.  Work is expected to continue throughout 2024 and the new facility will be opened in early 2025.

An important part of the project is the city’s commitment to make improvements to the surrounding Forbes Hill neighborhood.  A water line is being looped from Reservoir Road through to Summit Avenue which will provide greater water pressure and flow at the top of Forbes Hill.

In addition, drainage is being added to the golf course parking lot.  Historically, there have not been any drainage structures in the lot and the water would sheet down Reservoir Road and Stoney Brae Road.  The City will now capture that stormwater on site and alleviate stormwater flowing down the hill.

In Forbes Hill Park, stormwater management is being implemented to help folks along Summit Avenue.  A drainage swale and a berm are being constructed to capture stormwater that has historically ran through properties on Summit Avenue and into the city’s drainage system.  An old MWRA pipe has been repurposed and is being used to take stormwater and groundwater off the park property and direct it properly into the city’s drainage system.

Along the first fairway of the golf course, a berm is being constructed to prevent stormwater from flowing into backyards along Summit Avenue.  The water will be redirected into the golf course’s drainage system which has been upgraded this winter.

The City’s Traffic Department has implemented traffic calming measures on Forbes Hill in response to many neighborhood concerns at a variety of public meetings.

“We made a commitment to the Forbes Hill neighborhood to address long-standing concerns as part of the improvements we are making to the park and golf course,” said Commissioner of Natural Resources Dave Murphy.  “Through three years of community meetings, workshops, and site visits we have developed a plan to not only enhance the amenities on the site but we are deliberately addressing the quality of life concerns we heard at multiple public meetings.  I want to thank the more than one-hundred people that have attended our meetings over the past few years and helped us make this project even better.”

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