City of Quincy COVID-19 Update April 1, 2020



April 1, 2020

  • Applications are now available for housing assistance programs sponsored by the City, one for hospitality workers being coordinated by the Quincy Chamber of Commerce and one for all other workers coordinated by the Quincy Community Action Programs.
  • The programs are being funded by an emergency appropriation from the City’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund at the request of Mayor Koch. The Affordable Housing Trust is a fund created by fees paid by developers of housing projects in the City. There will be no expense to local taxpayers for these programs.
  • Contact he Quincy Chamber of Commerce at, 617-471-1700 or for an application and details of the hospitality workers program
  • Contact Quincy Community Actions Program at, 617-657-5377, or for an application and details of that program.


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