City Plants 500 New Trees

The City’s Department of Natural Resources recently finished planting 500 new trees along Quincy streets this fall and early-winter, the mayor’s office announces.  The trees were funded by Mayor Koch through a budget appropriation approved by the City Council.  They were planted in every neighborhood in the city.

Tree species planted this year include Autumn Blaze Red Maple, Sweet Gum Happidaze, Japanese Lilac, Armstrong Red Maple, Eastern Red Bud. Snow Goose Cherry, Ginkgo Magyar, Canada Red Select Cherry, October Glory Red Maple, and Kwanzan Cherry.

The species are strategically selected to provide the greatest opportunity to survive in an urban setting.  More specifically, each and every location was analyzed and an appropriate species chosen for each specific location that considered overhead utilities, underground utilities, crown size, salt tolerance, and height.

The city will do another planting in the spring based on receiving a very competitive bid price for the 500 tree effort, according to the mayor’s office.

“Quincy’s tree-lined streets are an important part of the character of our neighborhoods,” said Commissioner Dave Murphy.  “As we continue to address the needs of our urban forest, tree replacement is a critical part of maintaining tree-lined streets and improving our local and global environments.  The value of our city’s tree-planting efforts will be enjoyed by generations to come. We are extremely appreciative of the continued support of Mayor Koch in planting new trees throughout the city.”

If you are interested in a new tree this spring, contact Mike Cassinelli at

Added Murphy: “We will continue our efforts to plant as many trees as we can.  The value of shade trees cannot be overstated.  I encourage residents to get a hold of us if they would like a new tree planted in front of their home this year.”

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