City Seeking Trees For Holiday Lighting Displays

The City of Quincy is seeking donated trees for the downtown and neighborhood Christmas tree-lighting displays.  Every year, Quincy residents have donated trees to be displayed as the centerpieces of the Christmas lighting displays.

Quincy is looking for Norway Spruce, Blue Spruce, or other large evergreen species.  Trees must range from 25 feet to 45 feet in height and must be in very good condition.  Ideally, these are trees that have outgrown their spot and must be taken down.  The city does not want to remove specimen trees that would not be otherwise coming down due to overgrowth.

The city will pay for the costs of the removal and transportation of the tree.  The city will replace the tree with a tree of the resident’s choosing and grind the stump down.  The resident will also be recognized in publicity materials and at the tree-lighting event.  The city will also issue a letter to the resident recognizing the gift.

“Every year our city puts on a spectacular show during the Christmas season and the generosity of our residents plays a large role in our events” said Mayor Thomas Koch.  “Whether it is in our downtown or our neighborhood tree-lighting ceremonies, these trees help bring joy to thousands of residents.  I am grateful to all those that have donated in the past and hope we can continue to find the appropriate trees for the future.”

Residents that have a tree they are interested in donating can call (617) 376-1251 or email

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