Courtney Madden Democratic Candidate For Norfolk County Register Of Probate

Quincy resident, attorney and community strategist Courtney Madden announces she is running for the open Register of Probate and Family Court seat in Norfolk County. The seat is being vacated by Patrick McDermott.

Courtney Madden

“The Office of the Register of Probate and Family Court serves a vital role in our community, protecting our most vulnerable residents in some of their most difficult times of need. That’s why I’m tossing my hat into the ring” for Register of Probate, Madden said in her announcement release.

“After careful consideration, I am announcing my candidacy for Register of Probate because families in need deserve to have a system and government that works for us. When a loved one passes away, or families require government intervention, residents of Norfolk County need to know they have an advocate on their side who is dedicated to cutting red tape, ensuring fiscal responsibility and modernizing the Office of Probate and Family Courts in Norfolk County to better serve residents.

“I am proud to announce my candidacy for Register of Probate because all Norfolk County families deserve dignity and respect when entering the Family and Probate courthouse,” Madden said. “I am running, not because I want a title, but because this is home and home matters. My professional career has always been focused on bringing people together, empowering them, and most importantly building bridges so that government can be a partner in solving problems and helping families – and not an obstacle. Family and Probate court touches all our lives and I am ready to be your Register who knows how to navigate judicial waters and will always put Norfolk residents first.”

Madden is a seasoned political professional and lawyer focused on increasing civic engagement and empowering everyday citizens. As executive director for New Leaders Council, Courtney manages the recruitment, training, and promotion of young leaders in over fifty markets around the country.

While speaking to voters at a recent kitchen table talk in Quincy, Madden explained the importance of the role of Register of Probate and Family Courts telling attendees, “The Register of Probate and Family courts is a servant leader position and it’s where I can contribute the most to the community I care so deeply about. It’s where my talent for building coalitions and public private partnerships can fill in the gaps in resources to our families. The Register of Probate needs to be a leader, a servant, and an advocate. I am all of the above.”

Madden, a Democrat, is asking voters for their support in the primary election on Sept. 1st “because this election is about protecting families and Norfolk County needs a tireless advocate who will always put the people of Norfolk County first.”

Learn more about Courtney Madden and her campaign by visiting her Facebook page @MaddenforProbate.

Madden is the fourth candidate to take out nomination papers for Register of Probate. The others are Quincy City Councillor Noel DiBona, Quincy School Committee member Kathryn Hubley and Michael Walsh, a Westwood selectman.

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