Firefighters Put Out Two Two-Alarm Fires Saturday

Photo above: Aftermath of two-alarm fire that damaged the home at 43 Brook Rd. in Quincy on Saturday, displacing four residents. Photo below: The fire spread to the neighboring home at 39 Brook Rd., damaging its exterior. Quincy Sun Photos/Tom Gorman.


Quincy firefighters on Saturday battled a pair of two-alarm fires, one in a South Quincy neighborhood and the other at a Quincy Point industrial building.

Firefighters were called to 43 Brook Rd. in the South Quincy neighborhood shortly before 11 p.m. on Saturday, Deputy Chief Joseph Barron Jr. said Monday. While the first companies were en route to the scene, the department was informed that the fire had spread to the adjacent home at 39 Brook Rd.

On arrival, firefighters were met with extensive fire at the rear of 43 Brook Rd. while the exterior of the neighboring house was also on fire. Barron, who was the incident commander that evening, said the quick action of the first companies on scene limited the damage caused by the fire.

“The first-arriving companies did a great job preventing it from getting worse,” he said.

The scene was cleared around 1 a.m. on Sunday.

The bulk of the damage to 43 Brook Rd. was to the home’s exterior, Barron said, while the damage to 39 Brook Rd. was limited to the exterior. A cost estimate for the damage was not immediately available.

Barron said that three firefighters received minor injuries but remained on scene and two residents were taken to the hospital for evaluation. The fire displaced a total of four residents.

The Quincy Fire Department and the State Fire Marshall’s Office continued to investigate the cause of the Brook Road fire as of noontime on Monday, Barron said, but it does not appear suspicious.

Earlier on Saturday, at 11:30 a.m., firefighters were called to the Twin Rivers Technology plant on Washington Street after a fire broke out in one of the building’s processing towers.

Barron said Saturday’s fire at the plant was “essentially the same” as one firefighters extinguished there in April. That fire was caused by a malfunction in a hydrolyzer, a pressurized apparatus the plant was using to treat coconut oil. The hydrolyzer leaked, aerosolizing the coconut oil before the oil caught fire.

Firefighters were able to clear the scene at Twin Rivers by 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Earlier Saturday, Quincy firefighters battled a two-alarm fire at the Twin Rivers industrial plant in Quincy Point. The fire was in one of the plant’s processing towers. Photo courtesy Quincy Firefighters Local 792.


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