Kennedy Meets With Quincy Business Owners, Campaigns For U.S. Senate Here

Cong. Joseph Kennedy (center), a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, visited Quincy last Friday and met with local residents and business owners. At left is City Council President Nina Liang who has endorsed Kennedy in his bid to replace U.S. Sen. Ed Markey as the Bay State’s junior U.S. senator. Courtesy Photo

Congressman Joe Kennedy III met last Friday with former Cong. Bill Delahunt, Quincy City Councillors Nina Liang and Brian Palmucci, and LGBTQIA+ Activist Sheika Babin to meet with local business owners and residents in Quincy Center. Kennedy’s visit came after his announcement of the Kennedy Jobs and Justice Initiative (JJI) July 8th, a working legislative proposal to guide our country’s economic recovery efforts in building a better, stronger, more resilient post-COVID America.

As part of the ‘Jobs & Justice Tour’, Kennedy is meeting with working families, business owners, Black and Brown communities, organized labor, essential workers, and other community leaders across the state to inform his Jobs and Justice Initiative and receive feedback from local stakeholders.

Delahunt, Liang and Palmucci have endorsed Kennedy who is seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate in the primary election Sept. 1. He is challenging fellow Democrat and incumbent Sen. Ed Markey.

On Friday afternoon, Kennedy, Delahunt, Liang and Palmucci  spoke with local business owners about the impact COVID-19 has had in Quincy and their needs moving forward. Kennedy visited The Fours, Alba, Sixteen C, Shaking Crab, First Class Salon, and other businesses in Quincy Center.

“The detrimental impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be felt by small businesses, especially restaurants as they attempt to recover in a struggling economy,” Kennedy said.  “Often forming the foundation of our communities, we cannot allow these local businesses to be left behind. As senator, I will fight to provide the necessary aid and working conditions that businesses need to recover. We must not only rebuild but ensure that businesses are better protected and less vulnerable than before.”

The Kennedy Jobs and Justice Initiative (JJI) proposes a large-scale public works and federal hiring program designed to both address the acute needs of COVID-19 response, and to remedy the profound injustices of our modern economy, which long predated this pandemic. With a focus on equality, intersectionality, and anti-racism, the proposal builds on Kennedy’s earlier “moral capitalism” platform and continues his efforts to reorient federal economic policies to center American workers.

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