Koch Announces 30 ‘Neat Neighbor’ Winners

Mayor Thomas Koch announces the winners of the City’s 2019 “Neat Neighbors”, a program that aims to recognize those residents that maintain their yard and property in a manner consistent with the themes of a cleaner and greener Quincy.

The 30 winners were chosen at random from more than 150 nominations from throughout the city’s many neighborhoods. The winners had to meet the qualifications of maintaining their yard and property and the program does not do comparative judging. Winners will receive a $30 gift certificate from a local garden center to help with their continued efforts next year.

“I want to thank all of the residents who were nominated this season,” Koch said. “Most of our residents do a fantastic job in keeping up their properties. This is our way of saying thanks and hopefully encouraging more people to do the same. The city can plant flowers, trees, and make our public property look nice but we need the cooperation of our residents to truly maintain the beautiful character of our city’s great neighborhoods.”

The 2019 “Neat Neighbors” are:

135 Sea Ave. Lois Murphy; 208 Merrymount Rd. The Cosgroves; 66 Edwards St. Tony Viapiano; 44 Cherry St. Mrs. Tinkham; 59 Bird St. John Keefe; 22 River St. Barry Wood; 65-67 Hughes St. Rick Wuori; 46 Curtis Ave. Dina Kyller; 33 Edison St. Janet Ochs; 44 Spaulding St. Marshall Whitehurst; 240 South Central Ave. Jeff and Deidre Hannon; 103 Grand View Ave. Mr. Patrick Curran; 69 Grandview Ave. The Boreks; 120 Farrington St. Donna Brown, 29 Eddie St. Frank Casper; 20 Taylor St. Kathleen Ryan; 35 Taber St. The Gaudianos; 88 Shirley St. Paul Cronin; 21 Presidents Ln. The McPhersons; 72 Elm Ave. Will and Susan Porter; 165 Fenno St. The Wilcoxens; 144 Marlboro St. Dave Hennessey; 118 Atlantic St. Kenny Xiong; 7 Andrews Rd. The Morrisseys; 39 Newbury Ave. Barbara Cilliland; 65 Colby Rd. Peter Regele; 71 Colby Rd. Susan Regele; 7 Sonoma Rd. Candace Golden; 619 Quincy Shore Dr. Eric Stoeckel; and 45 Marshall St. Dan Walty.

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