Local Legislators Seek Dedicated State Police Patrol


Quincy’s legislators on Beacon Hill are working to secure funds in the state budget to provide a dedicated State Police patrol in the city, Rep. Bruce Ayers said recently.

“We’re all actually working on it, because it covers all our districts,” he said. “That’s what is needed.”

Ayers noted that the State Police have three patrols from the South Boston barracks assigned to cover Quincy, the Southeast Expressway, and parts of Boston.

“We’re trying to get a designated patrol just for Quincy. Right now, just to give you a quick idea, there are three designated patrols that cover South Boston, Dorchester, Quincy and ten miles of I-93. It’s a huge area for three cars to cover, especially during the summer time,” Ayers said.

“We’ve been successful in the past. I just met with legislative liaison, Lt. Kevin Baker, about the numbers that we’re going to be needed for the budget to make it a priority. We wanted to get to him early so that when the weather breaks in another month or so we’ll have proper protections, increased patrols.

“The phone calls we get, we made it clear to the State Police we want to clamp down on the littering, loitering, noise, undesirable behavior, speeding.”

The State Police are tasked with patrolling state-owned roads, including Quincy Shore Drive and Furnace Brook Parkway, Ayers said. State Troopers from the Milton barracks are responsible for policing the Blue Hills, he added.

“Mostly Quincy Shore Drive, but it goes further,” Ayers explained when asked about the State Police coverage area. “There are other areas that are densely populated that have their fair share of problems like Squantum Point Park, [Moswetuset] Hummock, Caddy Park.

“You go up Furnace Brook Parkway you’ve got Shea Rink and you go a little further up to Chickatawbut, like Houghton’s Pond, that area. There is drag racing on Chickatawbut Road there. They split there, that goes out of the Milton barracks, but those are the areas that we’re concerned with.”

The goal is to ensure people who visit those areas enjoy themselves.

“We want to make it clean and safe so if someone takes their family down there, they can enjoy themselves,” Ayers said.

In addition to the State Police patrols, Ayers said it is important that the state Department of Conversation and Recreation properly maintain and care for the parks under its jurisdiction in Quincy.

“We’re working with the liaison now to go out and do a site visit to each of the locations to find out what manpower and equipment is going to be needed for each spot,” he said.

“What do they need for manpower, what are they going to use for equipment, so they can’t say, ‘well, we needed more barrels, we needed more manpower.’ Whatever you need to properly do the job, tell us now, we’re in the budget, let’s go out there and determine what it is.”

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