Mahoney releases comprehensive policy agenda for Quincy ahead of mayoral election

Councillor Anne Mahoney has released a comprehensive policy agenda, outlining her priorities and vision for Quincy ahead of the mayoral election this November, according to a press release from her campaign committee emailed to The Sun.

Her plan was informed by residents, stakeholders, and experts she has met during her time in public service. It covers a variety of key concerns for residents including city finances and operations, development, housing affordability, climate infrastructure and resiliency, public safety, city infrastructure and transit, economic development, education, government accountability, and equity-focused initiatives for key populations.

You can read the full plan here.

“I am running for mayor because I believe in the face of persistent challenges, we need leadership in the executive office that is tireless and focused on the people we serve. I am proud to share my policy vision for Quincy, inspired by the conversations I have had with residents across our City, as I believe it outlines key strategies to keep Quincy on the right track and secure a brighter future for our residents,” said Mahoney. “I believe voters deserve public commitments from their leaders, so that they can make informed decisions about which candidate best represents their values and addresses their concerns.”

Anne Mahoney has served as an at-large councilor since 2018. Prior, she served on the Quincy School Committee. Mahoney is a lifelong Quincy resident, former small business owner, and marketing strategist. She lives in West Quincy with her husband Kevin. They have three children who all graduated from Quincy Public Schools.

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