Michael F. Walsh Candidate For Norfolk County Register Of Probate

Michael F. Walsh, a 33-year trial attorney who was recently re-elected for a third term to the Westwood Select Board, announces his candidacy for the Norfolk County Register of Probate.

Michael F. Walsh

Walsh is a candidate in the Democratic primary which will be held Sept. 1. Present Register of Probate Patrick McDermott is not seeking re-election; he is among a group of candidates running for Norfolk County sheriff.

In his campaign announcement, Walsh said the Register of Probate is an important position that many people know little about until they need it.  It is the court system that handles all family matters, including divorce, child support, alimony, custody, wills, trusts, estates, name changes, adoption, and guardian ad litem issues.  The Register is the person responsible for the day to day operations of the Probate and Family Court for Norfolk County.  The need to know and understand the law, work with judges, lawyers, and members of the public (many who often try to navigate this system without lawyers), are essential skills needed for this position.

Walsh said he has spent 33 years getting access to justice for individuals and families of all races, religions, financial means, and gender preference in every type of courthouse in the Commonwealth, not just the Probate Court.  He said he has prided himself and his career on helping those individuals in need to receive the services they need to make for a better life for themselves or get back on track.

“My experience in dealing with people, whether clients or constituents, judges, or other lawyers, is greatly needed to improve the court system, especially now, and moving forward into the future,” Walsh said. “Gaining access to the courthouse is crucial, especially for those without cars.  Adding satellite offices and more technology, while providing guidance and assistance to those without counsel is also a priority.”

Walsh said he feels the next Register of Probate needs to be an attorney and have firsthand knowledge and experience in how to adjudicate in front of a judge, to know what is best for the court and its clientele.   He is currently involved, both at the courthouse and with attorneys who practice before the court on a day-to-day basis.  He said he understands the circumstances and what needs to be done to bring justice for all during some of the most difficult times of their life.

Walsh is currently a member of the Norfolk County Bar Association, where he sits on the Executive Board, a current member of the Norfolk County Advisory Board to the Norfolk County Commissioners and, is also a member of the Norfolk County Selectmen’s Association.  All boards that involve the Norfolk County government, including managing the current budget, staff, and creating protocols for making the system efficient for all.  Michael’s experience managing his own business, and as a negotiator, trusted advisor, advocate, and an elected official managing a budget over $100 million a year makes him the most qualified for the position.

Walsh is a former resident of the City of Boston and now a small town, which he said makes him uniquely qualified to serve the people of Norfolk County.  “Those who know me, through my work as their lawyer or through my service to my community, or the various boards and committees I serve, know that I am caring, dedicated, and hard-working.  I am a thoughtful, compassionate leader and advocate,” he said.

Walsh said his experience both inside and outside the courtroom, working with individuals, knowing the law, managing budgets and people, makes him the strongest candidate to run the courthouse daily.

Learn more about Michael at www.walshforprobate.com.    Call his office at 781-251-0100 or email him at mike@walshforprobate.com.

Follow him on Facebook and like his page at Attorney Michael F. Walsh for Norfolk County Register of Probate.

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