Neat Neighbors Contest Winners Announced

Mayor Thomas Koch has announced the 2022 Neat Neighbors contest winners.

Thirty properties from throughout the city were recognized for their efforts to keep their properties maintained in the spirit of a cleaner and greener Quincy.  Winners receive a $30 gift certificate to a local garden center and a handsome lawn sign they can display on their property highlighting their achievement.

The Department of Natural Resources solicits nominations each year from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Each property is viewed to ensure it meets the qualifications for the contest and then the winners are randomly selected from the properties that qualify.  This is not a comparatively judged competition.

The 2022 winners are:

Steven Douillette                    45 Edison Park

James Riley                             27 Beebe Road

Chris and Kate Murphy           161 Samoset Avenue

Michael Gustafson                  7 Swan Road

Denise Bausemer                    35 Bittern Road

Michael Neal                           42 Ruggles Street

Doanh Vo                                28 Edwards Street

Richard Battista                      166 Phipps Street

Madeline Clark                        28 Hyde Street

Teresa Reddig                         38 South Central Avenue

Fran and Tony Tangney          72 Hillside Avenue

Joe and Ellen Poggi                 36 Hillside Avenue

Josephine Costello                  50 Lincoln Avenue

Willian and Marie Cunniff       35 Bowdoin Street

Steve Cahoon/Dotty Muscato 73 White Street

Mark Azar                               75 Unity Street

Richard Keane                         100 Shirley Street

Susan and Mark Broderick     44 Shirley Street

Kevin Weng                             156 Liberty Street

Paul Cook                                15 Crest Street

Trish Rooney                           56 Ferndale Road

Ryan Ruel                                80 Standish Avenue

William Mullen                       49 Sims Road

Kevin Joran                             32 Hamilton Street

Bo Levine                                17 Roberta Lane

Patty Gerrin                            312 Atlantic Street

Pam and Kevin Taylor             65 Apthorp Street

Bill Geary                                 15 Knollwood Road

Jim Stamos                              22 Sonoma Road

Skip Ryan                                265 Bellevue Road

“We are happy to recognize residents that do their part to keep our city looking beautiful,” Koch said.  “There are thousands more throughout our city that do a great job year in and year out and I want to thank all of our residents that contribute to the great aesthetic character of Quincy’s neighborhoods.  Nice properties make for nice neighborhoods; and nice neighborhoods make for a great city.”

Folks are encouraged to maintain their properties and the grass border along their sidewalk.  Beautification is a team effort and it takes everyone working together to keep Quincy looking cleaner and greener.

“I want to congratulate our winners and all the properties nominated this year,” said Commissioner of Natural Resources David Murphy.  “There is a lot of time and effort that goes into being recognized and I appreciate everyone that does their part of make our city look great. It was tough to choose just 30 winners based on the number of nominations; there are hundreds of beautiful properties out there, even in a year with such difficult conditions with the heat and drought.”

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