New Contracts For Quincy Police, Firefighters

Quincy’s public safety unions, representing hundreds of police officers and firefighters, have agreed to an interim contract that will provide a 3 percent pay raise effective July 1, Mayor Thomas Koch’s office announced.

The three unions – the Quincy Firefighters Association Local 792, the Quincy Police Patrol Officers Association and the Quincy Police Superior Officers Association – all voted overwhelmingly to support the agreement, which covers the fiscal year beginning July 1 and the prior fiscal year.  Police and firefighters agreed to no raise for the prior fiscal year under the agreement.

The agreement purposely addressed no contractual provisions beyond the zero and 3-percent raise, other than it commits the Koch administration and the unions to begin negotiations for a longer, three-year contract as soon as possible.

“I say it all the time, and it is not an exaggeration – we have the best Police and Fire Departments in our entire Commonwealth. I’m grateful for the work our men and woman sworn to protect us performed during this extraordinary year, their ongoing partnership, and their firm understanding that we’re all in this together as a community,” Koch said in a statement.

“This agreement achieves two goals: It provides a real wage increase they deserve while at the same time reflects the very difficult previous year in which our primary goal was to ensure that we protected core services and our workforce – which we were able to do across the board.”

Added Firefighter Thomas Bowes, president of Local 792:

“It was a tough, dangerous year for our members, who showed up every single day on behalf of Quincy’s residents during the pandemic.  The members understood that the Mayor had our back throughout the crisis, and this agreement shows they were ready to similarly step up to protect the financial health of the City.”

Added Police Captain Richard McCusker, president of the Quincy Police Superior Officers Association:

“The Quincy Police Superior Officers Association believes this is a fair, good-faith agreement that recognizes the challenges of the past year while moving us forward at the same time. We are eager to continuing the open dialogue and productive working relationship with Mayor Koch and his team on the successor three-year contract.”

Added Police Officer Gregg Hartnett, president of the Quincy Police Patrol Officers Association:

“Since most Covid-19 restrictions were lessened we were able to meet with the city to negotiate and ratify a two-year contract that enables us to move forward, putting the unique dynamics of the pandemic behind us. We look forward to working with the city to fairly bargain and ratify a three-year contract this time working through some language changes that better protects our membership going forward. Working in the City of Presidents we can always count on the loyal and steadfast support of this great community.”

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