Park And Recreation Board Backs Marina Purchase

The Quincy Park and Recreation Board unanimously approved a resolve to encourage Mayor Thomas Koch to investigate acquiring property along the Town River in Quincy Point, the mayor’s office said in a statement.

The board cited the city’s Open Space Plan goals and objectives as well as the lack of public boating access in Quincy Point as the main reasons for the resolve, which was approved on June 14.

The property at 662-674 Southern Artery, home to the Town River Marina, was specifically mentioned because of the boat ramp at the property, the mayor’s office said.  This property is directly adjacent to the Souther Tide Mill property and could help unlock the potential of that site as well.  It could improve both public access to the waterfront and tourism activity to the Tide Mill property.

The board further mentioned that the Recreation Department crew and rowing program has been bounced around quite a bit and this area would be ideal for a permanent home for the program.

The resolve referred to the Open Space Plan’s goal to “connect open space to create river corridors” and to “encourage public access to waterfront areas.”

The city currently provides public boat ramp access in Squantum and Houghs Neck, but there are no public boat ramps in Quincy Point.

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