QEA Endorses Perdios, Speakman In School Board Race

At a special vote of the Quincy Education Association’s (QEA) Executive Board on Aug. 12, the Executive Board unanimously approved the recommendations of the Candidate Recommendation Committee to endorse School Committee candidates Courtney Perdios and Liz Speakman in this fall’s municipal election.

The QEA announced the endorsements in a statement:

“A current School Committee member, Courtney Perdios has proven to be a tremendous addition to the School Committee during her time of service. She has impressed QEA with her ability to ask intelligent and perceptive questions and to arrive at thoughtful and informed decisions, and with her constant desire to seek input from all involved groups to broaden her understanding of issues and to help formulate plans. In a time afflicted by a deeply divided political climate, Courtney is a throwback to more collegial and productive times, when people of differing opinions would speak and listen to one another because doing so is the best way to decide how to make the decisions that are in the best public interest.

“Liz Speakman also impressed QEA with her honesty and thoughtfulness. Her professional background in social work, with a passion for working to help people recover from trauma, gives her a perspective that is particularly needed in this current moment, as students and staff stand poised to return to school in the aftermath of perhaps the hardest and most traumatizing year in the history of American public education. It is clear to QEA that her background and drive will make her an invaluable voice in the important conversations the school committee will need to have this year to address the challenges that we will face in navigating this unpredictable year of educational transition.

“The members of the Executive Board and the Candidate Recommendation Committee unanimously believe that these two candidates will expand upon and enrich the important conversations taken up by the School Committee as it does work that is so vital to the long-term growth and success of the great city of Quincy. We encourage all of our members registered to vote in Quincy to cast ballots for these two splendid candidates in the preliminary election on Sept. 14 so that they can vote for them again in November to seat them for full terms on the School Committee.”

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