Quincy Police Say They Found Man Accused Of Approaching Women In Parking Lots


Quincy police on Tuesday said they had found the man accused of approaching women in area parking lots and trying to lure them from their vehicles.

The department said they received a call from a female around 9 a.m. on Tuesday who stated a male approached her vehicle and told her it was leaking oil. The female immediately contacted police, the department said, and provided a description of the man’s vehicle, a white Jeep Patriot.

Police said they were able to locate the vehicle in Quincy. Detectives then interviewed the driver who was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

The department said further information on the man was not available as no arrests had been made as of Tuesday afternoon.

“While we are confident this is the suspect from previously reported incidents, our detectives continue to investigate,” the department said on Facebook. “We encourage everyone to remain vigilant and report any suspicious behavior.”

On Sunday, state Rep. Alyson Sullivan of Abington said a man approached her that evening in the parking lot of a Target store in Stoughton. The man tried to coax her out of her vehicle by claiming it had an oil leak, Sullivan said; she later checked her car when it was safe to do so and it did not have an oil leak. That incident was reported to the Stoughton Police Department.

Stoughton police on Monday confirmed Sullivan’s report and said it was the second such incident to take place in the town within a two-week span. The department said similar incidents, all involving a white Jeep Patriot, had been reported in other nearby communities as well.

Stoughton police on Tuesday confirmed the man found by Quincy police was the same person involved in the incident at the town’s Target.

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