Quincy Seeking Public Engagement On Housing Production

The City of Quincy, through an advisory committee, and in partnership with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), is continuing the process of developing a new five-year Housing Production Plan (HPP).  HPPs are plans that help municipalities better understand local housing needs and opportunities; and they set a vision for future development with a focus on affordable housing.
The city held a virtual public engagement session this past winter, which solicited over 175 survey responses.  The city has now launched a second online “open house” activity to solicit additional feedback about the plan.  The online open house will close on Friday, April 22.  Quincy residents, as those who work in Quincy, are invited to participate in the online activity to weigh in on goals to address housing challenges; potential strategies and actions to achieve those goals; and opportunities for new housing in Quincy.  Participants may pause and return to the activity at any point.
The online open house is available at mapc.ma/housing-quincy-open-house-2.
Additionally, the project team will host a webinar on Thursday, April 28 at 7:00 P.M. to review the results of the online open house, recommendations for Housing Quincy, and to ask questions.
Those wishing to register for the webinar may do so at mapc.ma/housing-quincy-webinar-2.
Questions regarding the online open house or the HPP in general may be directed to Emma Battaglia, Senior Housing & Land Use Planner at MAPC (ebattaglia@mapc.org) or Sherry Zou, Housing Programs Manager at the City of Quincy (szou@quincyma.gov).
To learn more about the HPP, please visit mapc.ma/housing-quincy.
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