Quincy’s Anonymous ‘Bar Pizza Bandit’ Donates Pizza To Local First Responders

EMTs from Brewster Ambulance in Quincy were the most recent beneficiaries of the bar pizza bandit’s generosity.


Quincy’s mysterious “bar pizza bandit” has become one of the community’s most beloved charitable figures during the battle against Covid-19.

Her anonymous and generous donations to local first responders over the past two weeks have generated thousands of likes, comments and shares on social media — not to mention the appreciation of the brave folks on the front lines of the fight.

Three times in the last two weeks, the unknown woman wearing a black hoodie and ballcap has walked into Rag’s Tavern, a popular bar-pizza hotspot in Quincy, and ordered $200 in pizza.

The first order two weeks ago went to the Quincy Police Department; the second order last Monday went to the Quincy Fire Department, shared among three different firehouses; and she walked in again Friday, asking that the pizza be delivered to local EMTs at Brewster Ambulance.

That’s a total of $600 worth of pizza in just two weeks – or approximately 75 10-inch South Shore-style bar pizzas delivered to local first responders, each one carefully wrapped in the pizza style’s signature brown paper take-out bags.

The bar pizza bandit works quickly, said Rags Tavern manager Courtney Rego. The woman calls ahead or just walks in, makes the order, drops $200 in cash on the bar, then quietly walks out the door – the bandit’s identity unknown even to Rego.

“I’ve seen her in here before, but I don’t know who she is,” said Rego. “Either way, we’re happy to be a part of her effort to feed local first responders and delighted to know that there are so many great people out there working to help our neighbors on the front lines of the battle against Coronavirus.”

The bar pizza bandit’s generosity benefits the tavern, too: providing much-needed business in this unprecedented time for the restaurant industry and helping keep folks like Rego and her colleagues employed.

Will the bar pizza bandit strike again? Rego’s not sure. But happy to help if and when she does.

Quincy’s anonymous “bar pizza bandit” has donated $600 in pizza over the past two weeks to local first responders, including Quincy firefighters Derek Monroe, left, and Jay Toner. Courtesy Photos
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