Racoon Set On Fire Has Died, Wildlife Center Says

The Cape Wildlife Center on Friday said the raccoon it had been treating since Dec. 31 died. The raccoon was intentionally set on fire, Quincy police said.


The racoon that Quincy police say was intentionally set on fire late last month has died, the wildlife center treating the animal said on Friday.

The Cape Wildlife Center said the racoon, which the animal hospital had been caring for since Dec. 31, died on Friday following three surgeries.

“Despite our efforts and round the clock care we lost our patient today. We were so hopeful we could get her through this tragic event but the damage to her body from the burns ended up being too severe,” the Cape Wildlife Center said in a Facebook post.

“Yesterday she underwent her third surgery to address her burns and even more tissue had become necrotic since the last procedure. We removed the damaged tissue and applied honey to help with the healing process. Her vitals were stable throughout the process. This morning we found her more lethargic than usual and shortly after her morning meds she arrested. Though CPR was attempted and emergency medications administered, we simply weren’t able to get her back.”

“We are all very sad today, but don’t regret giving her a chance,” the wildlife center added. “We know she was fighting until the end.”

In a previous statement, Quincy police said they received a call on Dec. 30 reporting a person was attempting to light a raccoon on fire in the backyard of house on Royal Street in the Wollaston section of the city, the department said in a statement.

Officers arrived on scene and observed two neighbors arguing, police said; the officers also saw a live raccoon in a trap cage that appeared to have burn injuries.

The officers were able to obtain a video of the incident that allegedly shows Andrew Chieu, a 63-year-old Quincy resident, building a fire in a tin can and then placing the trap cage containing the raccoon on top of the tin can.

Chieu was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals. He was arraigned Jan. 2 in Quincy District Court, police said.

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