Residents Asked To Help Water New Trees

Natural Resources Commissioner Dave Murphy is requesting the help of Quincy residents with trees planted over the past three years.  During the significant drought of the summer of 2022, Murphy is asking residents to help water the new trees to increase their chances of thriving.

“This has been a brutal stretch for our new trees and we are politely asking folks to do what they can to help the new trees thrive,” said Murphy.  “Our contractors are required to water the new trees for the first year but these conditions have been historically dry and our newer trees could use some help.  I appreciate that water costs money but, those that can afford to help out, I would ask for your assistance in watering the tree in front of your home.”

Quincy has planted more than 1,500 trees over the past three years along its streets and in its parks and cemeteries.  Mayor Thomas Koch has increased the annual funding each year and it has been approved by the City Council.

Added Murphy:

“Quincy is defined by its tree-lined streets.  The aesthetic appeal is obvious but the benefits for stormwater management, oxygen creation, carbon sequestration, and reducing homeowners heating and cooling costs are equally significant.  There are very few cities that have such a beautiful urban forest.”

Residents can assist trees by watering with a hose for five minutes at a time once a day, or as needed based on rain.  The best times of day to water are early in the morning or in the evening/night when evaporation is less likely. Additional watering would be especially helpful as the Boston area endures one of the top five driest stretches in recorded history.

Quincy is planning another city-wide tree-planting contract this fall.  Those residents that are interesting in having a new tree planted in front of their house can call the Department of Natural Resources at (617) 376-1251.

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