Roadwork Underway In Quincy

Various public works projects – include repairs to water mains, sewers and roadways – is underway now in Quincy.

Water main work is happening on Darrow Street, Manet Avenue, Mears Avenue and Shed Street.  Water service is scheduled to be shut down for one day each on Darrow and Manet on Wednesday and Friday, respectively.

Roadway work continues with punch list items for last year’s roads (Winslow Road, Harrison Street  and Gordon Street) and the Department of Public Works will continue sidewalk and roadwork or soon start in the coming weeks on Quarry Street, James Street, Lowe Street, Alden Street, Butler Road, Bradford Street, Fowler Street, Trescott Street, Flynt Street, Lunt Street and Tyler Street.

Concrete sidewalk repairs are wrapping up and this week work will take place on Hancock Street (at Sacred Heart Church) and at the Wollaston School.

Sewer excavation work water main and gas replacement is continuing on Elmwood Park, Peterson Road and Island Avenue, and will be starting soon on Amsterdam Avenue.  A large sewer pipe lining project on many streets will also be starting soon.

Adams Shore seawall work has started at the Willows and will include drainage improvements and seawall reconstruction.

In addition to the city project, National Grid will continue with gas main work on Sea Street (Palmer to Hibbard), Federal Avenue and Goddard Street, Deerfield Street and Waterson Street.

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