Sheriff’s Are You OK? Program Saves Life Of Norfolk County Senior

Norfolk County Sheriff Patrick McDermott announced Tuesday (July 12) that the office’s “Are You OK?” program helped save the life of an area senior recently, and he praised the staff and first responders who were able to provide rapid care to the gentleman in distress.

“This program saves lives,” said Sheriff McDermott, “and the quick response of our dispatcher and the emergency personnel she contacted helped save another. This program should be used by anyone who needs the peace of mind that comes with knowing that someone is there to check on you when you live alone.”

During a check-in call on the morning of July 1st, an 80-year old participant of the program answered his daily call but did not sound well, according to the dispatcher. When she called him back to ask if he was okay, he responded that he was feeling unwell and was very weak. The dispatcher asked him if she could call an ambulance to evaluate him, to which he agreed. After emergency personnel arrived, he was taken to South Shore Hospital for further evaluation. He is expected to return home in the coming days.

“The ‘Are You OK?’ program is designed to provide a lifeline to help give people the confidence to live independently, regardless of age,” said Sheriff McDermott. “This program is completely free available to all Norfolk County residents. It’s our way of ensuring that all residents have access to the kinds of services that allow them to live full lives.”

The “Are You OK?” program is provided free of charge to all Norfolk County residents, including seniors and residents with disabilities. The service provides participants with a daily check-in call 365 days a year, which is monitored by staff from the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office and Fallon Ambulance.

Seniors interested in signing up for this no cost, potentially life-saving program are encouraged to contact Deputy Sheriff Cheryl Bambery at 1-866-900-7865 (RUOK).

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