South Shore YMCA Food Pantry Available To Quincy Residents

More than 100 families were served at the South Shore YMCA’s Germantown Neighborhood Center Food Pantry on March 18.

Early last week, the South Shore YMCA temporarily closed several facilities for the safety of its members, staff and community as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis began to unfold. The decision was made in order to protect the community in accordance with guidelines from state and local government, public health authorities and regional school closings.

As a charitable organization dedicated to opening doors and bringing people together to serve and strengthen communities, the decision to close a door is especially difficult for the Y. While closing its facilities was the correct move for the safety and protection of all, it meant the possibility that some local residents may not have access to the critical programs and services they depend on from the Y. Therefore, the YMCA will continue its Germantown Neighborhood Center Food Pantry services for as long as possible with help from the community.

Tufts Health Plan donated bags and goods to support the YMCA’s food pantry at the Germantown Neighborhood Center.

Since 1892, the South Shore YMCA has been an organization the South Shore community has turned to in times of crisis. In the coming weeks, the need for food and services for seniors and children will increase exponentially. With social distancing in place, and perhaps stronger measures coming soon, there has never been a greater need for the Y’s Food Pantry services.

“As a community, we cannot permit children to go hungry or endanger the health of families by pausing critical services they rely on,” said South Shore YMCA President & CEO, Paul Gorman. “It is more important than ever to live our YMCA mission of serving and strengthening our community. I thank our staff, our members and supporters across the South Shore who are continuing to support these efforts in these unprecedented times. Together, we will get through this crisis. Take care of yourselves and your families, and consider supporting the most vulnerable residents of our community as well.”

The South Shore YMCA leadership team served more than 100 Quincy families on March 18 and expects to do so on Wednesdays and Fridays going forward. Their work was made possible by donations from many of our Y members and community leaders, the Greater Boston Food Bank, Trader Joe’s in Hingham, and Tufts Health Plan. Trader Joe’s also donated flowers, an unexpected source of smiles for all.

Community support is needed to keep food pantry shelves stocked. Courtesy Photos

The South Shore YMCA will register and serve all Quincy residents in need during this crisis. Visit the Germantown Neighborhood Center at 366 Palmer St. on Wednesdays or Fridays 8:30 a.m. to noon, with proof of Quincy residency or a South Shore YMCA membership key tag.

For information on ways you can help the Germantown Neighborhood Center Food Pantry, visit our website at Thank you to our many supporters who have generously donated to date and we greatly appreciate anyone else who can help ensure everyone has food during this difficult time.

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