Three Quincy Police Officers Promoted

Three Quincy police officers were promoted Tuesday during a City Hall ceremony. The newly promoted officers are Lt. Michael Duran (second from left), Capt. Daniel Guarente (center) and Sgt. Andrew Sweeney (second from right). Pictured with them are Police Chief Paul Keenan (far left) and Mayor Thomas Koch (far right). Quincy Sun Photo/Scott Jackson.


Three Quincy police officers received promotions during a City Hall ceremony on Tuesday afternoon, with dozens of family members, friends and fellow police officers in attendance.

At Tuesday’s ceremony, Daniel Guarente was promoted to the rank of captain, Michael Duran to the rank of lieutenant and Andrew Sweeney to the rank of sergeant. City Clerk Nicole Crispo swore in the newly promoted officers during the ceremony held inside the Great Hall of the McIntyre Government.

Mayor Thomas Koch called the occasion a good day for the department and for the families of those being promoted.

“It’s big day here for our department but also for the families of those about to be promoted,” he said. “They know how hard each of you work – not only studying for the promotions but working on the job.”

Koch called the Quincy Police Department second to none.

“You’re the greatest department in the commonwealth and beyond. You’re professional, you’re well-trained, you deal with the public in a very compassionate way, and a firm way if you need to,” he said. “I’m so grateful for the service of each and every one of the officers in the department.”

Police Chief Paul Keenan said it takes hard work and time away from family members to qualify for a promotion.

“It’s a big day in their lives, it’s a big day in their families’ lives, and the families know the dedication that it takes to get to this point to stand up here and get your badge pinned on,” the chief said.

“There’s a lot of time spent away from the family, missing family events and what not, to become proficient and to top these exams. They’re not difficult – Quincy is one of the best in the state in terms of topping these exams – so it’s just that much more competitive.”

Tuesday’s promotions came after the retirement of Capt. John Dougan earlier this month and with Lt. Patrick Glynn set to retire in the near future. Keenan said Guarente is replacing Dougan as the department’s executive officer, Duran will take over Glynn’s position at the head of the Special Investigations Unit as well as the Drug Control Unit, and Sweeney will be assigned to patrol on the midnight shift.

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