Two Quincy Police Officers Promoted

TWO Quincy police officers were promoted Tuesday  at City Hall. Sean Biggins (second from right) was promoted to lieutenant and James Goldrick (second from left) was promoted to sergeant. The two officers have more than 40 years of combined service in the department. With them are Police Chief Paul Keenan (far left) and Mayor Thomas Koch (far right). Quincy Sun Photo/Scott Jackson


A pair of Quincy police officers with more than 40 years of combined service in the department were promoted at a ceremony inside City Hall on Tuesday before an audience of family members, friends and fellow officers.

The two newly promoted officers, Lt. Sean Biggins and Sgt. James Goldrick, were sworn-in Tuesday afternoon inside the Great Hall of the McIntyre Government Center. City Clerk Nicole Crispo swore the officers in, and family members were on hand to pin each with their new badge.

Biggins was hired in May 1997 and had been promoted to sergeant in April 2013. Prior to his promotion to sergeant, Biggins served as a detective in the department’s Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

Goldrick was hired in September 2005. He is a member of the department’s SWAT team as well as its crash reconstruction unit.

Mayor Thomas Koch congratulated the newly promoted officers and their families.

“It’s a great to be in the Great Hall of the historic town hall, a great day I know for a couple guys here and their families,” Koch said.

“I just, as I always do, thank our department – officers at all grades and levels, as well as the civilian at the police station. You do a great job each and every day for our city and for the residents. I get mostly compliments and appreciate the great work you do. You serve well, you serve with dedication, you serve with compassion for the people and you do it very, very well, so we’re grateful for that.”

Police Chief Paul Keenan said it was a good day for the officers and especially their families.

“Anyone that has made rank on the Quincy Police Department knows how difficult it can be, how intelligent the Quincy Police Department is, and how challenging it is to make rank. Congratulations, Sean and Jimmy, I know you’re going to be a great addition to the police department going forward,” Keenan said.

“Pretty soon there will be a lot of new faces in the department, especially at the command level, so you’re coming on at a great time.”

The police chief also thanked Koch for his support of the department over the years.

“We’ve gone through some challenging times, I know, in the city, but he’s always been able to keep the ranks up in the Quincy Police Department,” Keenan said.

He also thanked Crispo and Patricia McGowan, the city’s human resources director, for the role they play in the promotion process, saying, “their hard work and dedication in the personnel office and the clerk’s office brings everything together today.”

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